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Storing Flammable Products & Accessories in the Home

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

Title over container spewing flames in a basement. Keep your home safe from fire and properly store your flammable products.

Everyone has flammable products within their homes, but do you think of how to store them after use? It is just as important to be safe with storing these products as it is to monitor them when they are in use. They can have dangerous and devastating consequences if improperly stored like fires, poisoning, or even explosions. Here are some tips on how to store your flammable products to avoid these problems that can happen. 

Room Temperature

The temperature of the room you store flammable products is very important because it can be a fatal mistake if the room is too hot. If the room is constantly exposed to high heat whether it's from direct sunlight, high temperatures due to the climate, or even a room that is being purposely heated to higher temperatures it can cause all the devastating factors like fire, explosions, etc. that can be fatal. If you don’t think any areas in your home or workspace would meet the requirement for a safe room temperature for these items then there are alternatives you can use. It is possible to build a safe flammable storage cabinet to keep these products in.

The Proper Container

Not storing your items in a flammable cabinet or container can lead to problems. So it is very important to keep your products in the right container. When storing these products it is almost guaranteed to be safe if you store them in an approved container. If it is approved and tested vs a homemade container like a paint can, etc. it is guaranteed to be a lot more protected and has a substantially lower chance of causing any devastation. Storage containers for these products are very important and should be taken seriously. 

Location of Storage

When you’re thinking about a location for keeping your flammable items it is vital to keep them away from certain locations. Many people tend to store these items in their garage, basement, etc. but that can be a fatal mistake. Don’t store flammable products by things that can spark. They need to be kept away from flames and sources of ignition like a car. Also, be careful of your flammable products and accessories around your HVAC systems because it can cause a spark with the item and may start a fire or other catastrophic disaster. 

Be cautious with your flammable items to avoid a major problem that can occur later down the road. We have the experience and knowledge to be able to help you store your items in the safest way possible. Give us a call at 1-800-SERVPRO or visit our website for more information. We’ll take the worry for you. 

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